The current beta version of SRT AppGuard (2.4beta5) introduces a new feature that allows you to disable the transmission of crash reports, furthermore we were able to improve the monitoring of api calls that access location information.

Unfortunately, we were not able to establish a complete support of 64bit architectures. For this reason we currently can not announce any official support for Android 5.x/6.x. In the settings of SRT AppGuard it is possible to completely disable the monitoring of all apps, such that the monitored apps can be used with all their permissions.

To be notified of new beta versions as soon as possible, the update channel can be changed to “Beta” in the settings of SRT AppGuard.


  • Unofficial partial Android Marshmallow (6.0) support.
  • Improved monitoring of location permission
  • Apk installation via SRT AppGuard.
  • Optional crashreports
  • Improved UI Design

Download (Version 2.4beta5)


 File: appguard-app-2004000205.apk
CRC-32: d4467855
   MD4: fbd52df6773ddc5879f881ce9195513e
   MD5: d843e67b60d3aa89eba34f6c4c34fb85
 SHA-1: 0afef6ab8e7eccc6e2559d74ca91e0ec719b6817