We have just released version 2.3.2 of SRT AppGuard.

If the automatic update check is activated, you are automatically notified of the new update. Alternatively, you can trigger the update process manually via the settings menu of SRT AppGuard.

The latest version of our Android security app is also always available as an apk file on our home page. The apk file can simply be installed over the existing version of SRT AppGuard.


  • Update the user interface.
  • Compatibility improvements with Android 5.0.
  • Improvements for dual SIM devices.

Download (Version 2.3.2)


 File: appguard-app-2003002900.apk
CRC-32: 6fb1bddc
   MD4: e61a3d3c51b037e12d66905f13f0d9de
   MD5: f75d29c487b1ba2cfe212f4a00c36c96
 SHA-1: 61b1046f1b53aa92ac8ce0134d7a2007b4b47b6c