Protect Your Personal Information

You are tired of apps requesting too many permissions? You are wondering why a flashlight app needs your contact data? Then, SRT AppGuard is the perfect fit for you! It allows to monitor other applications and to change their permissions after installation. You can easily remove any superfluous permissions without rooting your device!

Key features of SRT AppGuard

  • Dynamic permission management for apps
  • Works without rooted device or modified firmware
  • Works on all Android devices starting from version 2.3 to 4.4
  • Riskscore assessment shows how potentially dangerous apps are
  • Monitored apps still receive updates of Google Play
  • Comprehensive logs show what apps really do
  • New dashboard shows the security status of your device

SRT AppGuard

The test version of SRT AppGuard is available for free and is limited in its functionality by allowing only four apps to be monitored. To enable the full functionality of SRT AppGuard a license key is required. You can order a license key via our shop.

Customers who have already bought SRT AppGuard Pro via Google Play can get their license key at

Apps monitored with SRT AppGuard 1.x can be easily ported to the current version. Please note that you need SRT AppGuard 1.1.7 for being able to port apps. You can get version 1.1.7 by going to settings and searching for app updates.

Why SRT AppGuard?

SRT AppGuard is an innovative Android application that raises the security on Android devices. As an everyday companion your smartphone saves more than just your contact data and your appointments, it may also have access to business documents as well as to confidential e-mail correspondence. Therefore, your smartphone has become a popular target for malware applications. SRT AppGuard makes a crucial contribution to the security of your smartphone, especially against the background of daily new arising scandals concerning applications that steal your personal data, create profiles, or simply spy on you.

SRT AppGuard enables you to protect your personal data from malware-applications. By monitoring these dangerous apps it prevents unprivileged leakage of sensitive data. It offers a dynamic permission management that allows you to configure the permissions of an app after the installation.

To enforce a new permission configuration AppGuard adds a monitoring library to the target application. Configurations can be reverted at any time, in case you removed a permission that is crucial for the core functionality of an application. Monitored applications still receive updates as soon as they are available in Google Play.

We developed SRT AppGuard considering the newest scientific findings from the domain of information- and application security. It provides full control over your installed applications without requiring a rooted smartphone or any firmware modification. It’s compatible with Android devices starting from version 2.3 to 4.4. SRT AppGuard requires a minimum set of permissions and doesn’t use or save any of your personal data. With an intuitive and well structured user interface even non-experts are able to control the permissions of their applications easily.


Having trouble with your license key?

Download the latest version of SRT AppGuard!

How does AppGuard work?

AppGuard allows you to monitor your installed applications and revoke some of their permissions. Therefore a
security library is added to the application and the apps gets re-installed.

Why do we lose the data when monitoring an app?

Since AppGuard works without root privileges, monitored apps have to be replaced. All data of the app gets
lost once when uninstalling the app.

Which permissions can be monitored with Appguard?

Currently the following permissions can be monitored: Call phone number, send SMS, access your camera, Internet access,
location access, access to your contacts, calendars und messages.

Which permissions can not be monitored with Appguard?

Currently only functions called via the official Android API can be monitored. We do not support to monitor
functions called via native code.

Why can system apps not be monitored?

Pre-installed system apps can not be monitored, because the Android operating system does not allow to uninstall and
replace those apps.

Why do monitored apps not show maps?

Monitored apps currently don’t get access to the maps provided by Google Maps.

Do monitored apps receive updates?

Monitored apps that got installed via the Google Play Store are updated by AppGuard. Please select your Google account in the settings of AppGuard, such that AppGuard
can check for updates. A update via the Google Play Store app is not possible anymore for monitored apps.

Can monitored apps from version 1.x be ported?

Depends. Already monitored apps can be ported to the current version if two conditions are met. First, there has to be a backup of the original app
or the original app must be retrievable from Google Play (only possible if a Google account is set). Backups are missing if for instance the user
manually deleted the backups (for saving space). Second, for being able to port apps, version 1.1.7 has to be installed that is able to automatically
prepare apps for migration. You can get version 1.1.7 by going to settings and searching for app updates.

Why does porting monitored apps from version 1.x always fails?

If the migration of all monitored apps fails, you most probably do not have version 1.1.7 installed. This version is necessary to
prepare monitored apps for migration. You can update to version 1.1.7 by searching for updates in the AppGuard settings. Then, porting the monitored
apps with the current version should work as expected.

Is the app data lost when porting an app?

Already monitored apps can be ported without data loss if SRT AppGuard 1.x has not been de-/re-installed before the apps have been ported.